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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Training Handbook on 'Departmental Inquiry Awareness'

Dear friends,


People generally are afraid of departmental inquiry. People find difficulty in participating in departmental inquiry.

I have been associated with departmental inquiry and thus I have the opportunity to read books, generally voluminous books, related to departmental inquiry. During my service as an officer of a bank and also as an elected representative of the officers' association, I had opportunities to participate in departmental inquiries, sometimes as Presenting Officer on behalf of the management or sometimes as defence representative assisting the charged officer. Thus, I could gain experience to learn the insight of the departmental inquiry. With a view to share my knowledge and tips related to departmental inquiry, I have designed and developed a training handbook on 'Departmental Inquiry Awareness'. This is a small effort to create awareness on departmental inquiry.

No one should be punished without giving him an opportunity to defend himself and a judicial approach is necessary in the procedures of departmental inquiry. The procedure adopted must not only be fair and reasonable but should also bear a convincing appearance that justice has been done.

Contents of the Training handbook include the following:

# 01 - Preface

# 02 - An introduction on 'Departmental Inquiry Awareness' training

# 03 - General tips

# 04 - Tips for the inquiry officer

# 05 - Summarized procedure for inquiry proceedings (useful for DA and IO)

# 06 - Tips for the presenting officer

# 07 - Tips for the charged employee and the defence representative

# 08 - Legal practitioner as a DR

# 09 - Investigation

# 10 - Short notes and FAQs - The inquiry report, Natural justice in departmental inquiry, Bias in departmental inquiry, When a high court quashed the inquiry report, Useful quarterly magazine, Venue of the inquiry, What action when an employee gets employment by misrepresentation, Can DA differ with the IO findings, Unbecoming conduct, Inquiry conducted by a subordinate to the complainant, Agreeing or disagreeing of DA by the findings of the IO, Mass casual leave by employees, Assistance of an advocate, Perusal of documents/records on receipt of memo/show cause notice, Suspension, Representation by lawyers, Oath in departmental inquiry, Principle of natural justice, Who is competent to hold a departmental inquiry, Personnel officer as presenting officer, Ingredients of a charge sheet, Abusing b an employee, Departmental inquiry against an employee acquitted by a court of law, Labour court power under section 11A, Proposed punishment mentioned in charge sheet, Non-supply of list of witnesses along with charge sheet, Allegations against a superior, Can outsider be IO, Examining the management witness, Plea of victimisation, IO Report, When the CE admits the guilt, Confidence loss upon an employee, Adjournment of an inquiry, Who may be present at the inquiry, Ex-parte inquiry

# 11 - Specimen of documents and records - Inquiry officer communication, Disciplinary proceedings, IO's letter to custodian of documents

# 12 - Post-training test details

If you are interested to see the Preview of the Training Handbook, please send me an email. I will send a copy of the same.

Thanking you,

Keshav Ram Singhal


One more request - Please share this message with friends in your network, so that more people may know about the Training Handbook.

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